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We inspect your inspectors, so you don’t have to.


Meet Securus

Securus Management Group provides quality, certified inspectors and project management services for the oil and gas industry. We pre-screen each of our inspectors, hiring only the most qualified and experienced for the job to ensure you get consistent monitoring and accurate reporting, every time.

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Core Values


Report accurately.
Report often.
Report on time.


Create confidence, through consistency.


Trust, but verify.


Ensure customer satisfaction, through clear communication.

What We Do

You have high standards. Our goal is to exceed them.

We monitor your entire project from start to finish. From the ordering and procurement of materials all the way to auditing the finished product, Securus is there to provide highly skilled inspections, supply chain assurance and consistent reporting that holds everyone accountable.

We ensure assets are manufactured and delivered to meet industry standards and customer requirements. Our quality management systems provide intuitive and on-time reports to keep our customers fully informed every step of the way. We strive for limited downtime and reduced costs with the aid of our sophisticated ERM software.


  • Provide quality industry inspectors (CWI’s, API, ASME, etc.)
  • On-time, clear and accurate weekly reporting
  • Perform vendor audits, vendor site inspections and vendor surveillance
  • Project management services
  • Quality assurance
  • Supply chain assurance

Why We’re Different

More agile than the big agencies, yet more sophisticated than the mom-and-pop operations, Securus relieves headaches with our automated approval process and streamlined reports.

Our system infrastructure uses predictive analytics to ensure your reporting is seamless, intuitive and always delivered on time. The reporting performance of our contract inspectors is compiled in a scorecard to show you the true value and expertise of the Securus team.

We corral your contractors, 
so you can get back to business.

Who We Are

No nonsense. Just industry experience and expertise.


Clayton George

Engineering Manager

Sean Mallory

Business Development

Work for Us

Ready to set a new standard for the industry?

We are seeking talented and ambitious inspectors looking for countless opportunities for growth. Whether you are looking for long or short-term projects, our project capacity is rapidly expanding. At SMG, we offer incredible incentive packages — on top of base rates — for inspectors who can communicate well and keep customers satisfied. Are you up for the challenge?

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